Ever plan a trip and wondered what the restaurants were like there? Did you wish there was a site with little videos of all the best eats? So did we, so we made this.


Do you have a restaurant or brewery that you would like to be on TasteOVision? Use our contact page and send us a invite to come try it out.


We are always looking for new places to eat and drink and not just here in San Diego.  We have plans to expand to other cities as well.

Kevin Andrew Falk
Kevin Andrew Falk
I do the videography and editing. Yes I get to eat the food after we shoot. That's WHY I do this! Of course, I LOVE food. I grew up in North Carolina spoiled by an amazing home cook, my Mom. Instagram: KevinAndrewFalk
Voice Over
Holly Haines
Holly is an amazing chef, food blogger/writer and photographer. She also was on NBC's Food Fighters! Check out her beautifully delicious food blog: FMITK.com Instagram: ItsHolly